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Penni Chasens is a first class businesswoman and world traveler.  Born and raised in New Jersey, Penni went on to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Theater Arts and Communication from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  After graduating, Penni moved to Morocco, where she established what would become a thriving and lucrative trade business, eventually taking her to Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Indonesia.  After many years of living abroad, Penni returned to the United States and settled in Miami, which has now been her home for over 25 years.  The city’s unique mix of international cultures, coupled with the beauty and warmth of its tropical climate, has provided Penni the perfect setting to create the rich and rewarding life she now enjoys here.


Over the years, Penni has been an extremely valuable contributor to Miami’s real estate market.  She has generated almost half a billion dollars in sales representing developers in pre-construction as well as maintaining her general real estate sales and rentals. This combined workforce has consistently kept her in the top 5% of the country’s realtors. 


As an active member of the Miami Board of Realtors, a board member of the prestigious Master Broker's Forum and a charter member of Miami's elite Condo Experts Group. Penni is always on top of current market conditions and understands her clients’ needs and how to fulfill them.  With over 21 years of experience as a Real Estate Professional, Penni is fully committed to providing her clients with the best service and advice possible.  Her extensive knowledge of the Miami real estate market is a powerful tool she uses to secure the best possible deal for her clients.


As South Florida continues to grow and draw new residents from around the globe, Miami has established itself as a cosmopolitan hub where new opportunities are constantly being created. The city is an unparalleled power player in the worlds of business, sports, design, fashion, arts, entertainment, cuisine, leisure and many more. Graced with miles of beautiful beaches and iconic palm trees, the city is a unique crossroads of cultures that offers a lifestyle not found anywhere else. Miami is a truly international destination location. 


The real estate market in Miami, just like the city itself, is always changing and can sometimes be unpredictable. It is therefore important to work with a broker who is constantly in tune with the pulse of the market and who excels at the art of buying and selling as Penni Chasens does.  From the moment you meet Penni until your transaction is complete, she will always put her experience and know-how to work on your behalf.  When you work with Penni, your success is guaranteed!

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